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Criterion Collection’s classic and contemporary films on Blu-ray and DVD continue to get wide spread coverage with the help of some of the biggest names in cinema.  We have orchestrated interviews with award-winning directors such as Martin Scorsese, Mike Leigh, David Lynch, Claire Denis, Cary Fukunaga, John Walters and with Hollywood acting royalty Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.  We’ve scored hits in the broadsheets and film press including four page features in Empire magazine and a number of interviews in The Guardian and Sight & Sound/BFI. 


Criterion’s diverse filmmakers catalogue is at the fore of our thinking.  That’s reflected in pieces with director Dee Rees for Pariah (The Guardian, BFI), Spike Lee for Do The Right Thing (Empire),  Bill Duke for Deep Cover (Empire), screen writer Kemp Powers (Empire) and promotions in Asian film media (Neo, Asian Movie Pulse, Eastern Kicks).


We regularly partner with independent UK cinemas and festivals including the Picturehouse chain, Prince Charles Cinema, Leeds Film Festival and BFI.  We also work with style magazines such as Little White Lies and Another magazine, who have featured interesting articles e.g.  The Story behind the Boy with the Apple Painting to promote The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Five Most Sensuous Dramas from Wong Kar Wai for The World of Wong Kar Wai.

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