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To reflect the dark comic nature of the film and to reach our targeted audience, we partnered with MeatLiquor, the alternative rebel burger company!  They created a Venom-themed menu for the week of release which included a Venom and a Carnage burger for their customers to choose and to emphasise the Venom/Carnage rivalry - the Venom burger was chicken-based to reflect the character’s love of eating chickens!

An influencer event was hosted at MeatLiquor N1 in London, whose décor perfectly mirrored that of the mad scribblings on the walls of the character Carnage in prison. 

We also installed lots of fun POS throughout all the MeatLiquor UK branches - using the menus to create fun origami fortune tellers like those featured in the film, as well as posters throughout with a QR code to create direct conversions. We also had fun mirror stickers with Venom’s face in the toilets for selfie opportunities and a selfie standee to optimise social coverage.


In-keeping with the alternative vibe and comic violence of the film, we also enlisted the help of Tattooed Bakers to make a chocolate ‘SMASH’ cake using the Venom and Carnage faces fused together. This was filled with M&Ms - Venom’s favourite sweet! These incredible desserts were sent to film press, lifestyle media, and comic book film fans, to enjoy and spread the home entertainment message.

VENOM 2.jpg
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